Ryan Reynolds says he's "proud" Deadpool is R rated

It would be an understatement to say that Deadpool's cinematic debut was met with disappointment by fans, but Ryan Reynolds is determined to make up for it with the character's next big screen outing. The Mississippi Grind actor sat down with Total Film t
Lauren O'Callaghan ( - 8 Oct 2015

Ellen Page to visit the other side in Flatliners remake

Another '90s property that's being dragged out of retirement and back into circulation has gained some much-needed forward momentum, as Variety reports this week that Ellen Page is in talks to join the Flatliners remake.
Gem Seddon ( - 8 Oct 2015

Keanu Reeves says John Wick's past and present will collide in sequel

With the first film becoming something of a cult classic, Lionsgate has wasted no time in giving John Wick 2 the green light. Keanu Reeves will be returning as the badass hero, and according to the actor, the sequel will see him play something of a duel r
George Wales( - 8 Oct 2015

Katniss leads the star squad in Mockingjay Part 2 clip

Ahead of the film's worldwide release next month a new clip for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2 has arrived online shining a spotlight on the assembled team poised to take out President Snow once and for all.
Gem Seddon ( - 6 Oct 2015

George Miller has two scripts for Mad Max sequel

George Miller has been discussing the proposed sequel to Mad Max: Fury Road, and has revealed that he has not one, but two scripts to choose between when it comes to plotting out his next dystopian adventure. That’s largely thanks to the tortuous process
George Wales( - 6 Oct 2015

Guillermo del Toro wants Maisie Williams for Pacific Rim 2

Universal may have dropped Pacific Rim 2 from its releasing schedule, but that doesn’t mean that Guillermo del Toro has given up on the project. Indeed, he’s still dreaming about potential casting decisions, with the director revealing he would love to ha
George Wales( - 6 Oct 2015

Leonardo DiCaprio wrestles a bear in The Revenant trailer

If you've always wanted to see Leonardo DiCaprio tackle one of mother nature's most fearful predators - and who hasn't? - you'll want to see the full-length trailer for The Revenant.
Gem Seddon ( - 1 Oct 2015

Is the next Bond already lined up?

Like his Skyfall and Spectre director Sam Mendes, Daniel Craig has made no bones about the fact that he'd quite like to move on to other projects after playing James Bond four times since 2005. While many actors have been championed to take over as 007 on
Gem Seddon ( - 1 Oct 2015

Matt Damon on what it would take to get him as Daredevil

Out and about on the publicity trail for The Martian, Matt Damon has opened up about his near-miss with superhero glory. Talking with the New York Daily News he 'fessed up to having once nearly accepted a major Marvel role, and whether or not he'd be inte
Gem Seddon ( - 26 Sep 2015

One Tron star is still hoping for that third movie

Tron: Legacy wasn't quite the sequel fans had hoped for back in 2012, yet that didn't stop Disney from pushing on with Tron 3. Years of rumors finally saw the threequel enter early development this year, and shortly thereafter the studio did a complete 18
Gem Seddon ( - 26 Sep 2015

Jason Momoa hints at a return to tradition for Aquaman

Jason Momoa’s first appearance as Aquaman in the "unite the seven" teaser poster certainly set tongues wagging, with the former Game Of Thrones star looking suitably imposing as the ocean-dwelling superhero. That said, a common criticism was that his cost
George Wales( - 26 Sep 2015

Angry Birds movie will finally help us understand the lore

The Angry Birds games have been around for more than five years now, and in that time they've branched out to spin-offs, books, television, toys, and plenty of other merchandise. Yet for all their success, it's only now that the irate fowl are headed to t
Sam Prell ( - 24 Sep 2015

See a wrecked Star Destroyer close-up in this Star Wars: The Force Awakens video

Care for a sunny ride past the old Star Destroyer ruins? The latest video for Star Wars: The Force Awakens is a breezy tour of the Jakku desert, and it even lets you pan around 360 degrees and take in whatever wreckage (or fellow riders) catch your fancy.
Connor Sheridan ( - 24 Sep 2015

Wesley Snipes talks Blade revival and teaming up with the Avengers

Rumours of a new Blade movie refuse to die, with Wesley Snipes continuing to tease the possibility of a return to the famous leather trenchcoat. The star recently gave an update on the project to Huffington Post, revealing that conversations “have been go
George Wales( - 24 Sep 2015

Fassbender amps up the drama in new Steve Jobs trailer

Director Danny Boyle's take on the iconic Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, received rapturous applause at the Telluride Film Festival, which hosted a rough cut of the upcoming film. Universal has released a new trailer in advance of the final, polished pic:
Gem Seddon ( - 21 Sep 2015

Jason Statham to star in Layer Cake TV spin-off

Jason Statham is set to swap his staple diet of blockbuster explosion-fests for the small screen, with THR reporting that the action star is heading up a new TV spin-off to 2004 crime film Layer Cake. Entitled Viva La Madness, the new series will be based
George Wales( - 21 Sep 2015

Three directors rumored for Tomb Raider reboot

Warner Bros.' long-gestating reboot of Tomb Raider might be edging closer to the big screen, as a report from The Tracking Board reveals a new shortlist of filmmakers rumored to direct Lara Croft's next adventure.
Gem Seddon ( - 21 Sep 2015

Take your first look at Marvel's Jessica Jones

The first images from the new Netflix TV show, Marvel's Jessica Jones have been released online, featuring Krysten Ritter and the rest of the cast.
Lauren O'Callaghan ( - 18 Sep 2015

Watch: Mia Wasikowska is spooked in new Crimson Peak clip

You might have to watch the latest clip from Guillermo del Toro's Crimson Peak behind a cushion (depending on how much of a scaredy-cat you are) because even Mia Wasikowska is freaked out by the ghostly goings on in her new home.
George Wales( - 18 Sep 2015

Confirmed: Rosario Dawson will crossover into Marvel's Luke Cage

Following hot on the heels of yesterday’s synopsis update, Marvel has confirmed the supporting cast for Luke Cage by revealing four character bios... one of which is for Daredevil's Claire Temple.
George Wales( - 18 Sep 2015
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