Welcome to the Internet Entertainment Database.

IEDb is run by a dedicated group of entertainment enthusiasts with one goal; to make a world class entertainment portal.

The current focus of IEDb development is movies, but other areas we will be expanding to include gaming, TV series and music.

The idea for this website came at the beginning of 2010 while our chief engineer was looking for a new project that would benefit from his expertise as a web-developer and database specialist. Being a long time lover of commercial & popular entertainment such as movies, gaming, TV series and music; an entertainment database sounded like a worthy challenge. Since then he has devoted all available time to the vision for a new rival in this competative online industry.

As the founder of IEDb, our chief engineer is a passionate, award winning software developer with more than 20 years of experience, having started and developed his passion for programming in his teens during the early 90's. This website is as much the culmination of hundreds of thousands of lines of code and sleepless nights spent considering & discussing critical design decisions as it is in hard work, passion and desire for a masterpiece. This passion and driving force can be found in the group of engineers that are involved in this project both directly and indirectly.

Utilising a proprietary 8th generation PHP framework, with an HMVC design supporting Ajax, XML, XSLT, dynamic themes and CDN integration, has the potential to be a leading entertainment portal.