Camino Hacia el Terror 5

- The inbred hillbillies are back!
The film begins with a woman jogging in the forest. After running into the cannibals, she gets one of her fingers sliced off and runs away screaming in pain. She is aided by an older man, who only pretends to assist her, before he brutally kills her with an axe. He is revealed to be Maynard, the father of the cannibals, but isn't mutated. The film then shows five friends, Billy (Simon Ginty), his girlfriend Cruz (Amy Lennox), Lita (Roxanne McKee), her boyfriend Gus (Paul Luebke) and Julian (Oliver Hoare) are on their way to Fairlake, West Virginia to celebrate the Mountain Man Festival. Along the way, they almost run over Maynard who attacks them. Billy, Gus and Julian attack Maynard out of self-defense, but are all apprehended along with this man, Lita and Cruz by Sheriff Angela (Camilla Arfwedson) and her partner Deputy Biggs (Kyle Redmond Jones). While Sheriff Angela leaves to take them to the police station, the cannibals appear and kill Deputy Biggs. After being locked up in the police station, Billy confesses to Sheriff Carter that he owns his friends' drugs as he was stayed at the police station and they left. Meanwhile, the cannibals drive to the city, killing a guard at the power plant and shut the town's electricity. Meanwhile, The teens register at a motel to stay. Cruz is on her way to visit Billy to give him some food, but is chased by Three-Finger who kills her and feeds her her insides. After leaving the motel, Julian went back to the police station, only to learn that Cruz did not return. At the motel, The cannibals capture Gus when he answers the door while Lita is preparing to have a shower. Lita is attacked too, but she manage to escape. Gus is then tied between a tree stump and a truck, where he has his legs smashed up horrifically by the cannibals. Sheriff Carter sees the cannibals drop Gus, who had his legs crippled by them. Sheriff Carter attempts to save him, but the cannibals run over with their pick-up truck, killing him. Carter frees Billy and gives him, Julian and another prisoner Mose (Duncan Wisbey) their shotguns. The Sheriff manages to communicate with those who are in the parking warning them not to leave the place but these are ignored and go in search of Cruz. The drunk in the other cell is freed and offers to help Carter since nobody else is around. Suddenly the power goes out, the drunken man remember that there is a generator in the store next to the police station and Sheriff Carter will get. She gets on the radio and asks for help, but the person on the other end does not believe him and hangs up. She runs back to the police station, and when it comes, Julian and Billy went out in search of Cruz, ignoring warnings from the sheriff. Terrified, Lita comes in the police station. Lita tells of the situation, and Billy leaves her with Julian. When looking for Cruz, Billy and Julian end up being knocked out by the cannibals and are killed when one of the cannibals uses a snow blower to run over them, as they are rendered unable to escape. The drunken man now prepares to take the van sheriff for help. As the sheriff and the conversation of a drunken man, Maynard Lita tries to convince to let him out, saying he will not be killed. She does not listen, then gets drunk and leaves the keys. He destroys the road, running into a barbed wire trap laid by the cannibals. The drunk is captured and roasted to death by the three cannibals in the shop across the street. Before leaving the drunk man to burn inside the oil drum, one of the cannibals put gas canisters near the barrel that was being used to roast the drunk. The store that houses the generator explodes, knocking Sheriff Carter, who came to rescue the boy drunk, unconscious. Finally, after being released by Lita, Maynard stabs him in the eye with a letter opener. Maynard Carter wakes and shoots. She takes both Lita and Maynard to come. She runs off to see her boyfriend locked in a truck. As you open the door of the van a sickle that was settled by a trap cannibals ripping open their boyfriends torso. As she is attending his death in horror attack cannibals. I knock. Everyone goes inside, taking Angela with them, and leave out Maynard. Attached to Angela is a live shotgun and Maynard tells her that she can kill myself quicker than being burned alive. He puts the burning building, and she puts her feet on the ground, shooting herself in the head. Maynard Cannibals and drive down the road to find Lita who is still alive, though still blind. It is found and put in the car. After listening to the old talk, Lita starts screaming, realizing that is the truck of cannibals. They leave with her, and her fate remains unknown.
Director:Declan O'Brien
Producer:Jeffery Beach (producer)
Cherise Honey (executive producer)
Phillip J. Roth (producer)
Writer:Declan O'Brien (written by)
Alan B. McElroy (characters created by) (as Alan McElroy)
Doug Bradley...Maynard
Camilla Arfwedson...Sheriff Angela
Simon Ginty...Billy
Roxanne McKee...Lita
Paul Luebke...Gus
Oliver Hoare...Julian
Kyle Redmond-Jones...Deputy Biggs
Amy Lennox...Cruz
Duncan Wisbey...Mose
Radoslav Parvanov...One Eye
George Karlukovski...Saw Tooth
Borislav Iliev...Three Finger
Peter Brooke...Jason
Finn Jones...Teddy
Andrew Bone...George
Harry Anichkin...Doctor
Emilia Klayn...Kaleen
Rosie Holden...Ginny
Renee Johnson...Girl
Velizar Peev...Night Watchman
Joan Banzourkov...Teenager
Svilen Cholakov...Deputy Mike
Borisa Tutundjieva...Linda
Director:Declan O'Brien
Producer:Jeffery Beach (producer)
Cherise Honey (executive producer)
Phillip J. Roth (producer)
Writer:Declan O'Brien (written by)
Alan B. McElroy (characters created by) (as Alan McElroy)
Composer:Claude Foisy
Cinematographer:Emil Topuzov (director of photography)
Editing:Ludmil Kazakov
Stein Myhrstad
Casting:Gillian Hawser
Makeup:Mariana Love (key makeup artist)
Dessislava Manassieva (makeup artist)
Maria Stankovich (special makeup effects artist)
Production Management:Larry Ferguson Jr. (post-production supervisor)
Yanko Ushatov (unit production manager)
United States18 Oct 2012
Mexico23 Oct 2012
Spain5 Dec 2012
United Kingdom13 Jan 2013
Taiwan23 Nov 2012
Sweden20 Feb 2013
Italy11 Jan 2013
Germany8 May 2013
Japan5 Dec 2012
Argentina14 Jan 2013
France2 Oct 2013